In the Name of GOD

We are pleased to announce that the 18th Electric Power Distribution Network Conference (EPDC) will be held on May is in Kermanshah.
The conference aims to achieve new methods, exchange experience, and promote the professional and scientific level of the experts and managers in power distribution industry.
Kermanshah, Ilam and Kurdestan power distribution Companies, Gharb Regional Power Company, and Iranian Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineering – Gharb Branch - are cooperation to hold the conference at Kermanshah Persian Hotel in May 2013.
To study the causes of the problems of the power industry, the conference is annually held to direct the attention of most experts towards particular subjects .Based on national production and for protection of the Iranian work and capital, the conference subject is the modification of consumption pattern and the reduction of electric power losses in distribution network.
All interested professors, researchers, engineers and experts are, thereby, invited to share the result of their research and experience through scientific papers to be sent to the conference secretariat.

Conference Venue:  Entezar Convention Center, Kermanshah, Iran
Conference Hotel: Parsian Htel, Kermanshah, Iran

Regular Fee: Early Bird (Before March 25) 5000000 RLS After March 15, 6000000 RLS
Student  Fee: Early Bird (Before March 25) 1000000 RLS After March 15, 1500000 RLS
The regular fee include, attending conference sessions, Proceeding and accommodation
The student fee does not include accommodation.
Conference Registration can be done through internet Banking Bank Tejarat, Account # 83234776, Account Holder: Iranian Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

The central secretariat address :
The Iranian Association of Electrical of Electronic Engineering secretariat , Building No 55,No 463 ,Palestine St , Tehran site :
Phone : +982188895759;+982188623340
Fax : +9888904158;+982188623341
The conference secretariat at :
Electrical power distribution Shahid Amjadian (Siloo)St,Kermanshah Iran
TeleFax : +988318245606
Site :

Major subject include

-losses in electric distribution network (EDN)
-Design EDN
-Operation of EDN
-Power quality EDN
-Automation of EDN
-Management of load consumption and targeted subsiding in power industry
Effects of dust storm on electric power distribution equipment
-The role of smart grids on EDN
-distributed generation and renewable
-information technology (IT) and GIS in EDN
-Enhancing of reliability in EDN
-Economical, social, and environmental studies in EDN
-Privatization outlook in EDN
-Protection and safety in EDN
-Manpower and empowerment in EDN
-Scientific analyzes of events in EDN
The conference will be held on 1,2 May in Kermanshah Persian Hotel

How to prepare the papers:
1. The paper should be written in Persian or English and needs to be flawless correctly spelling and grammar
2. The paper should be written at most eight A4 pages in two columns, on every page .It should leave two spaces on the left. Only on the first page should the paper title appear with 7 cm top margin and the top margin should be 2 cm for all the other pages.
3. The paper should by single-spaced, about 6mm.
4. The paper should be typed using Time New Roman
Following the below instruction for different section
-Paper title ……………………………………TNR 16
-Author and related organization ………………TNR 12
-Titling …………………..TNR 14
-Key terms ……………………. TNR 12
-Text for table graphs and sketches ……………..TNR 10
-Paper text …………TNR 12
-Text for table ………………….. TNR 10
5. The paper should include the following section:
-Author(S) and /or related organization
-Key terms
-An introduction discussing the statement of the problem, significance of the study, and research
Question and by precedent as well the limitations and delimitations of the study.
-Results, discussion and conclusion
6. The conference web site could also be used to email the paper at
7. Paper submission deadline …………..3. Jan
-Workshops announcement Deadline
-Paper acceptance announcement
The central secretariat address:
The Iranian Association of Electrical of Electronic Engineering secretariat , Building No 55,No 463 ,Palestine St , Tehran site :
Phone : +982188895759;+982188623340
Fax : +9888904158;+982188623341
The conference secretariat at :
Kermanshah Electric Power Distribution Company, Shahid Amjadian (Siloo) Street, Kermanshah, Iran
TeleFax : +988318245606
Site :

1. Conference participation fees will be announced on the conference site
2. First reader at every paper is exempted from the payment of conference fees
3. Registration Deadline 3 jan
4. The chambers are 24,18,12 m2 and the cost will be announced on the conference site
5. Bank accounted is 0102414823007 for Saderat Bank , Gelayoun SQ Branch , bank code no 2595